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Weather (a.) Being toward the wind, or windward -- opposed to lee; as, weather bow, weather braces, weather gauge, weather lifts, weather quarter, weather shrouds, etc.
Weather (n.) A light rain; a shower.
Weather (n.) Storm; tempest.
Weather (n.) The state of the air or atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness, or any other meteorological phenomena; meteorological condition of the atmosphere; as, warm weather; cold weather; wet weather; dr
Weather (n.) Vicissitude of season; meteorological change; alternation of the state of the air.
Weather (v. i.) To undergo or endure the action of the atmosphere; to suffer meteorological influences; sometimes, to wear away, or alter, under atmospheric influences; to suffer waste by weather.
Weather (v. t.) Hence, to sustain the trying effect of; to bear up against and overcome; to sustain; to endure; to resist; as, to weather the storm.
Weather (v. t.) To expose to the air; to air; to season by exposure to air.
Weather (v. t.) To place (a hawk) unhooded in the open air.
Weather (v. t.) To sail or pass to the windward of; as, to weather a cape; to weather another ship.
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