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Whisk (n.) A game at cards; whist.
Whisk (n.) A kind of cape, forming part of a woman's dress.
Whisk (n.) A plane used by coopers for evening chines.
Whisk (n.) A small bunch of grass, straw, twigs, hair, or the like, used for a brush; hence, a brush or small besom, as of broom corn.
Whisk (n.) A small culinary instrument made of wire, or the like, for whisking or beating eggs, cream, etc.
Whisk (n.) An impertinent fellow.
Whisk (n.) The act of whisking; a rapid, sweeping motion, as of something light; a sudden motion or quick puff.
Whisk (n.) To move with a quick, sweeping motion.
Whisk (n.) To sweep, brush, or agitate, with a light, rapid motion; as, to whisk dust from a table; to whisk the white of eggs into a froth.
Whisk (v. i.) To move nimbly at with velocity; to make a sudden agile movement.
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