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Concrete - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Consolidated, Compact, Firm
Antonyms: Loose, Shifting, Bogy, Sloppy
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Concrete (a.) Applied to a specific object; special; particular; -- opposed to general. See Abstract, 3.
Concrete (a.) Standing for an object as it exists in nature, invested with all its qualities, as distinguished from standing for an attribute of an object; -- opposed to abstract.
Concrete (a.) United in growth; hence, formed by coalition of separate particles into one mass; united in a solid form.
Concrete (n.) A compound or mass formed by concretion, spontaneous union, or coalescence of separate particles of matter in one body.
Concrete (n.) A mixture of gravel, pebbles, or broken stone with cement or with tar, etc., used for sidewalks, roadways, foundations, etc., and esp. for submarine structures.
Concrete (n.) A term designating both a quality and the subject in which it exists; a concrete term.
Concrete (n.) Sugar boiled down from cane juice to a solid mass.
Concrete (v. i.) To unite or coalesce, as separate particles, into a mass or solid body.
Concrete (v. t.) To cover with, or form of, concrete, as a pavement.
Concrete (v. t.) To form into a mass, as by the cohesion or coalescence of separate particles.
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