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Slow - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Gradual, Leisurely, Retarded, Slack, Sluggish
Antonyms: Agile, Fast, Quick, Rapid, Speedy, Lively
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Slow () imp. of Slee, to slay. Slew.
Slow (adv.) Slowly.
Slow (n.) A moth.
Slow (superl.) Behind in time; indicating a time earlier than the true time; as, the clock or watch is slow.
Slow (superl.) Heavy in wit; not alert, prompt, or spirited; wearisome; dull.
Slow (superl.) Moving a short space in a relatively long time; not swift; not quick in motion; not rapid; moderate; deliberate; as, a slow stream; a slow motion.
Slow (superl.) Not advancing or improving rapidly; as, the slow growth of arts and sciences.
Slow (superl.) Not happening in a short time; gradual; late.
Slow (superl.) Not hasty; not precipitate; acting with deliberation; tardy; inactive.
Slow (superl.) Not ready; not prompt or quick; dilatory; sluggish; as, slow of speech, and slow of tongue.
Slow (v. i.) To go slower; -- often with up; as, the train slowed up before crossing the bridge.
Slow (v. t.) To render slow; to slacken the speed of; to retard; to delay; as, to slow a steamer.
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