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Push - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Press, Thrust, Shove, Jostle, Urge, Drive, Propel, Impel
Antonyms: Pull, Haul, Drag, Tow, Draw, Trail, Jerk, Deter, Tug
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Push (n.) A pustule; a pimple.
Push (n.) A thrust with a pointed instrument, or with the end of a thing.
Push (n.) An assault or attack; an effort; an attempt; hence, the time or occasion for action.
Push (n.) Any thrust. pressure, impulse, or force, or force applied; a shove; as, to give the ball the first push.
Push (n.) The faculty of overcoming obstacles; aggressive energy; as, he has push, or he has no push.
Push (v. i.) To burst pot, as a bud or shoot.
Push (v. i.) To make a thrust; to shove; as, to push with the horns or with a sword.
Push (v. i.) To make an advance, attack, or effort; to be energetic; as, a man must push in order to succeed.
Push (v. t.) To bear hard upon; to perplex; to embarrass.
Push (v. t.) To importune; to press with solicitation; to tease.
Push (v. t.) To press against with force; to drive or impel by pressure; to endeavor to drive by steady pressure, without striking; -- opposed to draw.
Push (v. t.) To press or urge forward; to drive; to push an objection too far.
Push (v. t.) To thrust the points of the horns against; to gore.
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